About Us

Our Philosophy

Makai Air is driven by the Aloha spirit. We want to welcome everyone who wants to fly in and around the islands the opportunity to get many different experiences on the island.

Our Mission

We want to allow people who enjoy flying on their own time to get that option. We also want to attract many different pilots who like flying a certain kind of aircraft, or allowing pilots a VA to experience a wide variety of planes.

What We Do

Makai Air operates out of Hawaii and in the United States. We operate C208s all the up to 737s! We plan to introduce new planes soon and new routes to fit those planes.

About Us

Hello and welcome to the Makai Air. You can view many things here including our fleet and see what we are flying currently. You can also view our partners, staff, and our about us page where you can see our commercial. If you want to join us you can hover over the Pilots section and view our Roster, our requirements and Sign-Up for the airline at the careers section. We currently run SmartCARS for our primary ACARS system. We are happy to have you aboard our airline today, and thank you for your interest in Makai Air.