Thank you for your interest in Makai Air!

Here are a few of the requirements to fly for Makai Air:

1. If you are going to fly a scheduled route, use of correct airplane as the one scheduled.

2.You must have a landing of <600 FPM landing rate.

3. Fly to the airport that you have scheduled, unless the weather causes a diversion, if this happens please inform us in the "comments" section of the ACARS Flight Plan.

4. You must be 13 years or older to join Makai Air

5. You must complete one flight every quarter of the year (this means every 3 months).

6.After acceptance into the program: Please file your first PIREP within a month of acceptance.

7. You Must Own a Legal Copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, or X-Plane.

8. You must not have been desciplined by another virtual airline or VATSIM.

9. Own only one account on Makai Air.

10. Must Submit an application on the Website.

11. We do accept charter routes with an airplane, just let us know if you want to fly that plane and we will add it to the airplane list. 


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